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I’ve had several people ask me if Tempted to Stay is written about someone in particular or something that happened to me and I can honestly say, no, it’s not. When I started writing, I knew what kind of story I wanted to write (a steamy romance novel) and knew that people I knew would be reading it so I didn’t want it to resemble anything that’s ever happened to me. (Call it being a chicken, haha, but my intention was to completely make everything up!)

I suppose that there may be some qualities of the female protagonist that are similar to me (like my blonde hair and my love for yoga), but I didn’t base her off of me or my experiences, at all. The male protagonist has some physical qualities that I find attractive but he is not based on anyone that I know. I suppose if I had to choose someone that he reminds me of physically, it would be Robert Downey, Jr.. He’s a sexy guy and just keeps getting better and better looking with age – something we all hope will happen but the majority of us aren’t blessed with his type of genes. (Although – queue shameless plug – if you’re looking to age backwards, I can also help you with that!)

I’m sure that there are many people out there (and maybe not, haha) also wondering if I wrote about them or someone they know, and with this book, it’s definitely a no. This is not to say that I haven’t or will never write about certain encounters or experiences I’ve had. I think it’s inevitable. If I can’t draw from my own experiences, where’s the fun in that? It makes it real and more relatable.

The fun with writing and making up stories is the opportunity to create something within your imagination; something fake, something made up. That’s what fiction is; make-believe. Think of it as pretending to the extreme.