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King of Foreplay

Present day


It was early morning when the knock sounded on my door. I took a deep breath, grasped the handle of my suitcase, and opened the door.
Holy shit. It wasn’t his driver after all. It was him.
“Grant.” I greeted him, careful to mask my emotions. The asshole kept catching me off guard and it was unsettling. I didn’t enjoy being a pawn in his game.
He was leaning casually against the doorjamb, looking deliciously handsome in a pair of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt. His hair wasn’t as well-kept as usual. He looked casual, so right, to be standing at my door, waiting for me. I pushed the thoughts aside. He may be casual, but he was a viper, just waiting to strike me when I was vulnerable. I had to keep my guard up.
I stepped out into the hallway, ready to leave, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me backward into my penthouse apartment. I didn’t look at him while he closed the door and locked it.
“It seems that I can’t wait to fuck you until we get to my home.”
With those simple words, he lifted the skirt of my sundress. Then, he forced my hands to let go of my suitcase and he bent be over, placing my hands against the solid oak door before me.
“My, my. I wondered if you still enjoyed going commando.” He murmured from behind me while his practiced hands caressed the full globes of my ass in circles.
“Looks like I was correct.”
I closed my eyes and tried to even out my breath. I desperately wanted to feel angry and violated. The only emotion I could feel was lust.
His fingers dipped between my thighs and found my slit. I was already drenched.
Grant leaned over me so his mouth was directly in my ear.
“Looks like you still love to be forced into your sexual escapades as well, hmm?” He murmured. The heat of his breath on my ear caused my eyes to roll into my head. Then he whispered.
“Or maybe it’s just that you love when I tell you what to do…is that it?”
I knew that if I didn’t answer, things may not go the way I wanted.
“Yes, sir.” I said, loud and clear.
I could feel his lips curling into a smile against the skin of the side of my face. The sound of his zipper would normally have been quiet, but sounded loud in the silence of my apartment.
“Good girl. Now don’t come until I say you can.” He commanded.
“Yes, sir.” I whispered. I was glad that my hair cascaded around my face and he couldn’t see the desperate need in my eyes.
He took me then. No preamble, no extended foreplay, nothing. He just took, plunging into me over and over and over again. The sound of skin slapping against skin resounded in the quiet room.
Moments later, he came with a roar and then flipped my skirt down, slapping my ass afterward.
“Time to go.”
I was too shocked and angry to reply and followed him out of the house, silently fuming with his cum dripping down my legs.


I knew that she was pissed at me. I told her not to cum until I allowed it, and then I didn’t allow it. It was a dick move on my part, I knew that. But, I also needed her to know that this wasn’t going to be fun for her. She was going to be mine in every way possible and then, when the time was right? I was going to crush her, just like she crushed me.
Now, I hadn’t originally planned on fucking her as soon as I saw her, but when I opened the door and she stood there looking ripe for the picking, I had to have her. And what better way to bring her to my home than have her dripping with my cum? The answer was, there was no better way.
We rode in silence the ten blocks to my building. She didn’t look at me once, just stared out the window at the people and bustling streets of a busy Saturday morning in New York City.
I don’t even know why I didn’t send my driver to get her, I just felt compelled to get her myself. When we arrived, I let her get her own damn bag out of the trunk. I was not going to be her gentleman caller. I was going to be her not-so-gentlemanly owner for the foreseeable future. And she would be my obedient pet.
After we rode the elevator to my apartment, I led her through the massive space of my home to her room. I held the door open and after she passed through, I finally spoke.
“You will put your things away. After that, take your clothes off and crawl out to me on your hands and knees, pet. It’s time for obedience school.”


The door shut behind me and I gritted my teeth. I didn’t bother to put my things away and just tossed my bag on my bed. My hands were trembling with anger and frustration. I wanted to strangle Grant. I wanted to watch his eyes bulge in surprise and then watch as they lost their light with my angry face the last thing he would ever see.
I stalked over to the windows that covered the entire wall opposite the door and stared at the view of Manhattan before me. Millions and millions of people in such a small space and no one knew where I was. No one cared. And no one would know what was going to happen to me in a few minutes.
I was alone.
I pressed my hands to the cool window and took a deep breath, trying to reign in my anger. I didn’t want to do anything that would make my situation even worse, so I knew that keeping my composure was essential.
I could do it. I was a pro, after all.
One final breath to calm my frantically beating heart and I stripped in front of the window. I saw a few random window shades open across the street and a couple of men and women staring at my from their different perspectives. They probably thought me a slut, an idiot, someone who wanted attention, or who knows what else they thought. I didn’t give a damn.
I undressed with an audience because it made me feel empowered. Grant may have told me to get undressed, but it was my choice to do it in front of others. At least I had that. Fuck you, Grant.
I padded barefoot across the plush white carpet, enjoying the feel of it on my skin.
I licked my lips and then opened the door.
I took calming breaths through my nose and lowered to my knees. I closed my eyes (trust me, I had other men demand worse things than crawling on the floor) and then reached my hands forward, one at a time. The cold tiles greeted my fingertips and I felt gooseflesh raise on my skin. My nipples hardened at the cool air that silently circulated within his massive and completely impersonal space.
I could feel Grant’s cum from earlier, sticky on my thighs. I was still pissed that he never let me orgasm. Now, I was uncomfortable and annoyed.
One thing I wasn’t counting on was feeling as aroused as I was.
My emotions warred within me and I tried to reach that headspace when I was with a client.
Come on, Scarlet. Get a grip. He’s just another client. Just another person you need to convince that you are exactly what he needs in this moment in time. Make him believe…
I had no idea where he was waiting for me, but I made my way on hands and knees to the living room. He wasn’t there. I followed the hallway off the side of the kitchen. After checking each door, only to find them locked, I eyed the carpeted staircase that swept above the kitchen and living room in a wide spiral.
I knew he was somewhere up there. Asshole.
I crawled on my hands and sore knees, thankful for the soft carpet on each step.
When I reached the landing, I came to a stop. He stood stark naked with his arms crossed at the end of the hallway, his dick fully erect.
I didn’t dare say a word. I just crawled the rest of the way, allowing my hips to sway seductively. My hair swayed gently around my face and my breasts hung with my hard nipples pointing straight down. He eyed me hungrily and I could feel my core begin to heat.
When I arrived at his feet, his hand caressed my hair on the back of my head.
“I could watch you do that for hours,” he murmured. It sounded like he was in awe, but that couldn’t be right. I was just a plaything for him, it was nothing more than him holding his power over me. I was just another wet pussy for him to slide his horny dick into to distract him from whatever “bad” life he felt he had.
He turned and disappeared into the room behind him.
“Come.” He commanded, snapping his fingers.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Oh, how I wanted to come.
The room was dark. Either there were no windows or they were covered up to completely block all light from passing through. Before I could make out any shapes, the door shut behind me, blocking out any remaining light. My senses were immediately heightened.
I took a slow, deep breath. The air was fresh and clean, with a hint of leather. I could hear Grant’s soft breathing as he walked across the room. I tried to follow him, but couldn’t decipher which direction he went.
Suddenly, dark red lighting just barely lit up the room and I blinked. I felt like I was being exposed like a picture in an old fashioned darkroom.
I gasped softly as the room came into focus.
Dark wood accented the walls, which were painted some dark, ambiguous color that was hard to decipher in the lighting. Each wall held all the tools for the makings of a night full of erotic playtime. Different sized paddles and whips, ropes and other contraptions that would restrain any willing creature adorned the cases they stood in. A giant king-sized bed took up one entire wall and was covered in lavish pillows and bedding.
My eyes drew to a slab of wood in the shape of an X that held a leather clasp on each section that I knew were meant for wrists and ankles. It looked like it spun around in circles and I could only imagine the things that could be done on it. There was so much more to take in that it was almost overwhelming, yet it was extremely enticing.
Grant stood near the end of the bed and contemplated my expression as I looked around.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get to try everything in this room when the time is right.”
My eyes flew to his, wide and eager. I was sucked into his mesmerizing gaze and I ached to find out what was going on inside his head, behind the mask of indifference. He walked along one of the walls with whips of every shape and size.
“Now…what to choose first.” He mused, completely at ease in his space. He was taking his time, torturing me on purpose.
His hand caressed a long, black leather whip and I flinched. He mistook my reaction as aversion, and continued on.
“Maybe that’s too much to start. Hmm…” He continued to move down the wall and reached a section full of leather straps in different sizes with different chains attached to them.
He grasped one and carried it over to me.
I lowered down onto one of my hips, with my legs bent to the side and leaned on my right hand. My left rested on my other hip and I stared up at him with bated breath.
Grant reached down and slid my hair to the side so he could reach his hands around my neck. The collar fit perfectly and I had a brief thought that I hoped no one else had worn it before. I quickly pushed it aside because going down that road would bring me nowhere good.
His hand gripped the end of the attached chain and he tugged on it gently as he walked away. It was just tight enough around my neck that it was noticeable but far from uncomfortable. It felt…right.
I followed him across the room where he helped me stand and then he tied my hands to the wooden column in front of me. I ended up bent at the waist, my hands gripping the smooth wood, while he anchored my feet to the ground a few feet behind me.
I could feel him scrutinizing my every fold as he bent behind me to fasten the thick, leather cuffs around my ankles. My breath began to come in heavy puffs and I could feel my limbs trembling. My ass jutted out behind me and I could feel my pussy clenching with need.
The bastard was the king of foreplay. He had barely touched me and I was aching and needy for him to fill me.
When he was done tying up my other leg, his hands trailed firmly over my calf, up over my knee, and he gripped my thigh as he rose to standing. His fingers dipped into the swollen folds of my pussy and he groaned.
“You’re dripping. So perfectly ready for me.” He caressed me back and forth and I could hear my slickness as he did it. It was the only sound that reached my ears and it was erotic as fuck.
I whimpered when he pulled his hands away, my back arching. My body begged for his touch.
Grant slid his hands up over my hips and waist and then he gripped my aching breasts in his hands, squeezing softly. Then he pinched my nipples hard and I cried out, tossing my hair back.
“Mmm.” He hummed approvingly. He stood behind me with his erection resting in the cleft of my ass, he reached his hands further up and slid his fingers into my mouth.
“You taste that?” He asked, softly, rubbing his wet digits over my tongue.
I nodded, sucking my essence eagerly from the the tips of his strong, slender fingers.
“That is proof that your body desires mine.” He continued in a whisper, his hot breath gently fanning the side of my face. “It’s proof that you are mine to command. Mine to take from as I please. Mine to give to as I see fit. You will not come until I say you can, do you understand?”
I nodded again, still tasting myself from the creases of his fingers.
“I can’t hear you.”
“Yes, sir.” I breathed.
I could feel his heart beating erratically against my back and I felt empowered within his grasp.
“Good girl.” He praised, and rewarded me with another spine tingling twist of my nipples. “I’m going to wreck you, today, Scarlet. I will ruin you for any other man in your life. Whenever you are with anyone else you will think of me. Whenever another man gives you an orgasm, you will think about how it will never compare to what I am about to do to your body. You will be mine, body and soul. Forever.”
I couldn’t speak. His words, his touch…they were too much.
I gasped when his body left mine. I tried to see where he went but the light seemed to dim even more and it was hard to make out his shadow. He returned shortly and suddenly my nipples were clamped between cold, hard metal.
I cried out and gripped the beam in front of me, resting my forehead gently on it. I reveled in the cool feel of it in stark contrast to the heat already burning my skin.
I knew I was flushed and breathing hard. I couldn’t even deny anything this man was saying to me. I was lost. I was his.
His mouth was suddenly on me from behind and I couldn’t hold back the whimper that slipped out. Grant’s mouth was hot and held my pussy in it as if it was made for him. His tongue reached deep within me and he ate me like a man dying of thirst and he just found the oasis in the middle of the desert.
I felt my core clench and could feel the orgasm building faster and faster.
“I…I’m gonna – “ I gasped, my knuckles turning white as they gripped the wood.
He pulled off of me immediately and stood up. I groaned in frustration. I wanted to cum so badly.
He tsked and gripped my hair with this hand, yanking my head back. His mouth trailed kisses over my exposed neck until his mouth found mine. He groaned when our tongues danced and I showed him how much I wanted him with mine. The taste of my own smoky flavor on his lips was deliciously erotic.
When he pulled back he was breathing heavily and his bright green eyes met mine in the low lighting. They glittered with some unsung emotion I couldn’t understand. But I saw the raw need. That was something he couldn’t hide and something I knew very well.
“You look so perfect all trussed up and trembling with need for me. Your body is dripping for me, aching for my dick to slide into it and relieve you of the need for release. Is that what you want, Scarlet? For me to let you cum?” He inquired, softly.
I nodded. “Yes, please.” I begged.
He smirked and let out a puff of air.
“Not yet, precious. But soon.”
He tortured me.
It was maddening.
He caressed and licked. Squeezed and sucked. Rubbed my thighs and tugged on the chain that was fastened to my nipples with little clamps. My body ached deliciously. I shook with need. He brought me to the brink but never let me fall. He worked my body like an instrument only he knew how to play.
I couldn’t take anymore.
My safe words were on the tip of my tongue.
“I…” the first one came out on a gasp as tears leaked from the corners of my eyes.
“Yes, Scarlet?” He asked me from between my thighs. His fingers were inside me, stretching me, rubbing me, and he had to pull his tongue from my clit in order to speak.
“I —“
He stilled. Waiting.
But, I couldn’t let the rest of my safe words out. I hated him for what he was doing to me, but I couldn’t let him win.
I lowered my head and closed my eyes, silently berating myself for crying.
When I didn’t continue he did. His fingers and tongue continued their ministrations for a few more torturous minutes until he stood up. I could see that his cock was throbbing and angry, ready to burst at any moment. It gave me brief solace knowing that he was just as tortured as I was.
Grant was standing behind me, holding me up with his strong arms around my waist and he finally, finally slid that gorgeous cock into my pussy. I gasped at the fullness and ached with wet heat.
“Fuck.” He whispered against the damp skin of my back. He gripped me tighter, tugging me backwards as he plunged forward again and again.
“Remember this moment for the rest of your life, Scarlet. It’s the moment you truly know that I. Own. You.” He punctuated each word with a deep thrust, causing me to cry out in ecstasy.
“Say it.” He rasped against my spine.
When I didn’t reply right away he thrust harder.
“Say it!” He shouted.
“I’m yours, Grant. You own me!” I managed to choke out over my silent sobs.
“Now come for me.” He plucked the clamps from my nipples and blood rushed to them quickly.
I fractured into a million pieces all at once. I screamed at the pleasure and the pain that consumed my body. I was wrecked. I was lost and found. I was his.
Grant owned me.