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Pure Sin


The entire time I made my speech, I found it difficult to keep my eyes off the seductive blonde in the red dress staring at me from her table at the edge of the stage.  Her ice blue eyes bore into mine whenever I allowed mine to be drawn back to look at her. 

Thank God I had done one version or another of the same speech so many times before that I wasn’t about to forget it because every time our eyes met, my mind would zone out and all I could do was envision her lush body wrapped around mine. 

I wasn’t lying when I told her I thought she looked familiar. I swear I knew her from somewhere but there was no way I could forget someone like her. Maybe I met her when I was fucked up in Prague last year and had a one night stand? No, that couldn’t be it.  Maybe it was that movie premier in L.A. in October? No, I ended up with a brunette that night. The one with the bondage fetish. Fuck yeah, she was hot but definitely not as magnetic as this beauty. 

I finished my speech and, after thanking everyone, walked back to my table amid the applause. Stephanie smiled widely and grasped my hand as I sat. I squeezed her hand and gave her a wink. But, when I glanced over her head I spotted Ms. Red Delicious herself walking out of the ballroom. Oh, this would not do, I thought. I had to stop her from leaving. I needed to know her name.  

I whispered in Steph’s ear and she nodded, giving me another cute smile. She was gorgeous and she had been my best friend since high school. I was engaged to be married to her. That rock on her finger cost me a pretty penny but, with my grandfather’s trust along with everything I’d built on my own, it was a drop in the hat to me. And she was worth every damn zero on the end of the check I wrote out.

All of this was why I was confused at my reaction to Red. For some strange reason, I felt like there was a connection with her and I had to figure out how I knew her; I had to know her name. 

I caught up with her just as she was exiting out a nondescript side door, likely to try and avoid any lingering press. Damn vultures. Well, at least I knew that she was a pro at avoiding the press, so she either had to be connected to me somehow, or someone I knew would know who she was. That had to be it. 

I followed her out into the freezing night.  I hated February in New York and this damn enigma was walking about it in the sexiest ball gown I’d ever seen without a damn coat and she didn’t even look fazed. I followed her down the dark alley toward the bright lights of the main avenue. 


She whipped around and I backed up immediately when she faced me, aiming a small pistol right at my chest. 

“Woah, woah. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” I backed up immediately and help up my hands, making sure to speak calmly. I didn’t need her getting trigger happy all the sudden. 

Her eyes widened as she recognized me. I stared into her big, ice blue eyes that matched the snow flakes falling around us. All I could think about was her dried essence which I knew had clung to her legs barely an hour prior. I wondered how far it dripped. And I wondered what it would look like as it crystalized right then in the winter breeze. Her thighs would glisten like the mother fucking pearly gates leading right into the place I wanted to be the most — Heaven.

She kept the gun trained steadily on me, her hard gaze never wavering. 

“Why are you following me?” She demanded. My cock fucking leapt. Oh, the things I wanted to do to this woman standing before me like Hera, the fucking Godess of Godesses. She didn’t give a fuck who I was and I wanted to change that. I wanted to be the one for whom she’d let her guard down. I wanted to fucking own her. 

“I want to know your name.” I said softly, cocking my head slightly to the side.

Her chin raised slightly. 

“Scarlet. Scarlet Darke.”

“Scarlet.” The sounds of each letter rolled over my tongue and they tasted sweet. 

“Anything else, Grant?” My name on her lips gave my dick another jump. This woman.

I chuckled. 

“Do you mind lowering the gun?”

She only adjusted her grip and her aim became more focused. 

“Why? Are you going to rape me?”

“Oh, Scarlet. When I take you, it will definitely not be by force.” I kept my voice quiet and let her see the burning desire in my eyes as I looked her up and down. 

She swallowed. I almost didn’t see it, but her creamy neck stood out so perfectly with the street lights illuminating the snow banks around us, and in turn, they cast a soft light that made her skin look fucking luminescent. It was hard not to watch her throat undulate and imagine her swallowing my cum while her lips were wrapped around my cock. 

So, she wasn’t completely unfazed by my presence. She lowered the gun and I briefly wondered where she’d had it hidden the entire time. 

“Not by force, huh?” The little minx sounded disappointed. 

Fuck. I was rock solid. 

I stepped close to her and felt her gorgeous breasts graze my chest. Our gazes collided and I pressed against her, making sure she’d feel my erection pressing against her stomach.

“When the time is right, you will beg for it, sweetheart.”

Scarlet licked her lips and I almost groaned when I saw her glistening tongue. I couldn’t help myself and I reached my hands to grip her waist. I slid them up and down her sides slowly, just feeling her body under my fingers.

“Are you going to hurt me?” She breathed, her breath puffing out into a little cloud that dissipated around my neck like smoke from a shared, after-sex cigarette.

I slid my hands up her back and gathered her hair into my hand, tugging her head back so I could see that gorgeous neck better. She gasped softly and my erection pulsed. Like a bee to it’s pollen, my head angled down to hers, drawn to what I knew had to be petal soft lips. 

“Only if you want me to.” I murmured.

Our mouths collided into a sensual dance of lips and tongue. She tasted like black cherry wine and crisp fall apples.

Pure sin

She kissed me back with fervor, doing this little thing with her tongue that had me aching to shove her to her knees right there in the alley and make her show me how it would feel on my cock. 

She pulled back too soon, but I let her. I didn’t want her to spook. She spoke a tough game earlier inside, but we were also surrounded by people, not alone in a back alley. Though she stood before my like a Greek Godess, she seemed vulnerable as she stood behind that gun. It was fascinating. I needed to know why. 

I slipped off my jacket and twirled it around her body until it draped over her shoulders.

“Come on, you’re freezing.”

I led her out of the alley and shortly thereafter, my limo pulled up along side us. 

I held the door open for her and after leveling me with a questioning gaze, she ducked in and sat gracefully along the leather bench seat, her legs angled to the side. Her feet in those sexy ass heels begged me to follow her. 

Graceful and poised.

Freshly kissed.

Hair messed up by my hand.

She was downright sexy. 

I stared down at her with regret. 

“I’m afraid this is where we part, Scarlet. Gaston will make sure you get home safely.”

I closed the door, effectively cutting off her protests. 

I walked over to the passenger side window and it rolled down with a soft whir. 

“Take her home. Protect her as if you were protecting me.” I ordered.

“Copy that.” He replied. 

I waited until he looked at me with slight curiosity.

“No one knows about this. It never happened. Am I clear?”

He stared at me for a beat.


Gaston drove away, the sound of rubber tires grinding across the fresh snow. A car honked a couple blocks up and a siren sounded in the distance as I walked back down the alley and made my way back inside.

I returned to Stephanie but my mind stayed with Scarlet, wishing I had been in the limo with her as it disappeared down the snowy streets in a puffed cloud of exhaust and a thick, glowing snowfall. 

Strictly Business


After trying in vain to get the driver to answer any questions after I gave him my address, I made myself comfortable on the buttery soft leather seats of the limo. Grant’s jacket was still warm with his body heat and I pulled it tighter around me. I didn’t even notice how cold I was until he pointed it out. I was so consumed with his proximity and the dark promises beckoning to me within his chocolate eyes that I forgot about myself. 

I was certain he was the one following me, but in my line of work you can never be too careful. So I pulled my pistol out from between my breasts and kept it trained on him. Seeing the look of surprise in his eyes turn to respect and then desire was heady. His words lit another fire within me and I didn’t even back away when he went to kiss me. 

When I first started working for Vix, I’d watched Pretty Woman and thought it was dumb that she never kissed her clients. Kissing was an art form and I loved perfecting my craft. But Grant’s lips on mine? It was the first time I lost myself and wanted to let go. So, I had to pull away before I couldn’t find my way back. 

It wouldn’t do to let myself feel anything with my client. This was strictly business.

Gaston dropped me at my apartment and, despite my protests, walked me up to my apartment. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist and, although he was much better looking than I’d anticipated, he did nothing for my libido. Nope, that was dragged all the way down the streets of Manhattan and if I followed the trail, I’d end up back in Grant’s arms panting like a bitch in heat. 

After I closed the door and locked it, I leaned against my door and let out a satisfied sighed.

I stared out through the dark living room and out the windows along the back wall. The city lights made the snow glow and made Manhattan look like something out of a goddamned fairytale.  Only I was the one playing the bitch Queen. 

A slow, devious smile took over my face.

If everything went as planned, Grant would physically be with his fiancé, finishing up his night. He’d take her home and probably fuck her to find relief for that larger-than-life erection I felt against my body earlier.

And while he was fucking her? He’d think of me the entire time.

My eyes gleamed like a frozen lake under a midnight sky and a full moon. 

The game had begun and unbeknownst to him, it was his turn.